KC Wells & Parker Williams to co-write book

KC Wells and I have decided to co-author a book.

It’s still to be titled, but will be the story of Scott, a young man, home schooled and out of touch with the workings of the world, who thinks he’s fallen in love with Jeff, someone he’s met online. Jeff tells Scott everything he longs to hear and offers him safe haven in England. Scott is enraptured with the idea of living with Jeff, having someone to care for him as he will care for them. Jeff sends Scott a first-class plane ticket to the UK, but when the flight lands, Jeff isn’t there.

In a panic, Scott sits and cries. He knows no one. He has no money, no idea what he’s going to do. Enter Ben, who approaches Scott and offers his assistance. Initially Scott declines, but Ben won’t take no for an answer and Scott finds he’s unable to resist when Ben tells him that he’s going to help.

So far KC and I are having a great time. We’re playing off the differences between a young man from the United States and the United Kingdom – which she and I are from. Keep an eye out for details and snippets as they become available.

By Parker Williams

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