Welcome to Parker’s World

Welcome to Parker’s World!


Parker Williams (a.k.a. Will Parkinson) is an author of m/m erotic fiction. Whereas Will Parkinson writes Young Adult, Parker Williams writes sexy, kinky, angsty stuff.

I’ve recently submitted two stories to MLR Press for their “Average Guys” and “Mixed Tape” story calls (if you’d like to see what calls they have you can check them out at MLR Books Submissions)

Mr. Average is the story of Lucas: He’s not a nice man. He has money and thinks that entitles him to do what he wants, with whom he wants.

500 Miles introduces us to Mark and Jase: Young friends who bond over the song 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.

I’m also hard at work on a story with the talented KC Wells. We don’t have a title for it yet, but it’ll be the story of Scott, a young man who leaves his home to travel to England to find the man who promised to love him and take care of him. Unfortunately, people over the Internet are not always what they seem.

Visit often! I look forward to getting to know you.

By Parker Williams

500 Miles by The Proclaimers <- Click here for the song

Someone asked me for some details about how 500 Miles came into being.

MLR Press did a story call for an anthology called “Mixed Tapes”. My original story choice, Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”, but that had already been claimed. Then I remembered this little ditty and a story idea came into my head. I contacted Kris Jacen from MLR and asked if it was available. She said it was. So I sat down and started writing about Mark, the young man who is in love with his brother’s best friend.

The story took on a life of its own. The characters told me which way they wanted to go and I had no choice but to follow where they led me.

This was the very first time I’d ever seen a contract, blurb request form, and the like from a publisher. It was a daunting process, but Ms. Jacen was very patient with me. She was very helpful in keeping my nerves under control and I’m grateful for that. (She took my virginity as it were…)

So now I’m walking amongst some of the biggest names in m/m literature today: Laura Baumbach, Ally Blue, Kendall McKenna  J.P. Bowie, Karenna Colcroft, Taylor V. Donovan, S.J. Frost, Kaje Harper, K-Lee Klein, J.L. Langley, Z. A. Maxfield, Willa Okati, D.H. Starr, Haley Walsh, and so many other people. It’s severely overwhelming. Each of these people has written one or more books that are on my favorites list and I keep asking myself how could I ever be in their presence?

This journey, which I thought I would never be on, just keeps getting better and better.

By Parker Williams

Parker Williams Gets Published!

I’m proud to announce that Parker Williams has received his very first contract to be published! My story, 500 Miles, has been picked up by MLR Press for their Mixed Tape anthology. I couldn’t be prouder and wanted to thank everyone who pushed me on and helped me ensure that this story was ready to go.

Thank you to Kris Jacen for her time and patience.

Image Image Image

My inspirations for Mark, Jase and Eric.

By Parker Williams

KC Wells & Parker Williams to co-write book

KC Wells and I have decided to co-author a book.

It’s still to be titled, but will be the story of Scott, a young man, home schooled and out of touch with the workings of the world, who thinks he’s fallen in love with Jeff, someone he’s met online. Jeff tells Scott everything he longs to hear and offers him safe haven in England. Scott is enraptured with the idea of living with Jeff, having someone to care for him as he will care for them. Jeff sends Scott a first-class plane ticket to the UK, but when the flight lands, Jeff isn’t there.

In a panic, Scott sits and cries. He knows no one. He has no money, no idea what he’s going to do. Enter Ben, who approaches Scott and offers his assistance. Initially Scott declines, but Ben won’t take no for an answer and Scott finds he’s unable to resist when Ben tells him that he’s going to help.

So far KC and I are having a great time. We’re playing off the differences between a young man from the United States and the United Kingdom – which she and I are from. Keep an eye out for details and snippets as they become available.

By Parker Williams

500 Miles Snippet

500 Miles
by Parker Williams

When I was fourteen I fell in love with an older man. It wasn’t any one thing that made me fall in love. In fact, I can’t even tell you when I realized it. When I started high school he was there for me. He helped me in ways that no one else would. He laughed at my jokes. He was playful. He never seemed to mind having me around. He even ate lunch with me, despite the fact people gave him funny looks. His name was Jason, but everyone called him Jase.
Jase was my brother Eric’s best friend and he was perfect in my eyes. He was poised, confident, friendly. He never treated me like a kid, even though I was three years younger than he was. Jase always tried to include me in on plans they had, sometimes against Eric’s protests. They’d made arrangements to go to a baseball game and Jase wanted me to come along, but Eric whined about it. “I don’t need my little brother tagging along every time we go somewhere.”
Jase chuckled. “He’s not going to be your little brother forever, dude. When he gets older do you really want him to remember how you treated him? I’d give my left nut to have what you do. Let him come along, okay?”
I heard Eric grumbling, but eventually he gave in. He always did. Jase was just that convincing and it was one more thing about him I loved. I mean, really, what wasn’t to love? Jase was taller than me, I was kinda scrawny at five-feet-six-inches, a good six inches shorter than he was. I was lucky to weigh in at one-hundred-ten, he was a bulky one-eighty. He kept his dark hair buzzed close to the scalp, which made his forest green eyes pop out. My hair was a boring brown and my eyes were like mud. Is it any wonder I worshiped this man? God I was going to miss him.

500 Miles is the story of Mark, a young man who has fallen in love with his older brother’s best friend and the event that is about to separate them. It was done for the MLR call “Mixed Tapes”, an anthology I’m hoping to be part of.

By Parker Williams

Mr. Average Snippet

Mr. Average
by Parker Williams

There’s just something about hot men. The way they look, the way they smell, the way they fill out those tight jeans, pulled snugly across a fine bubble butt. The thought alone gets me all worked up. I’ve put time in to get the body I have. My suits are tailored to accentuate the muscles that come from spending a lot of time at the gym. I visit my stylist twice a month to keep my dark red hair neatly trimmed. I wear contacts so glasses don’t hide my blue-green eyes. I look good and I love the men who appreciate it and look as good as I do. I’ve worked hard to cultivate my image. As a senior partner for Tennyson, Daniels and Manetti I’ve learned image is everything.
This is why I don’t understand the fact that Kyle Backes, my mechanic, turns me on in ways no other man ever has. He’s nothing to write home about. He’s always in dirty grease-stained coveralls, his brown hair is mussed and usually slicked back with sweat, and his eyes are brown, nothing special about them at all. He’s not bad looking. He’s just…average. When I see him, though, it’s like fire and ice in my veins. I’ve tried to figure out why, but I keep coming back to the same thing: Kyle is just an average guy, like a thousand other guys. If I were to see him on the street I wouldn’t even notice him. Maybe.

Lucas Manetti is a man who thinks the world should be molded to what he wants. The people in it should be grateful to take what he has to offer. What Mr. Manetti doesn’t realize, though, is that the world doesn’t play by his rules and he’s about to learn he can’t always get what he desires.

Mr. Average was a story done for an MLR Press call for stories of average men. While Lucas is not average, he’s going to encounter someone who is and that person won’t ever let him forget that.

By Parker Williams